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The Festival of Trees is held to support non-profits in the Greater Wolfeboro area. The Festival was started in 1999 as a benefit for the LIFE Ministries Food Pantry in Wolfeboro. The event was such a success that it was held again in 2000. Subsequently, the Festival committee has organized the festival each year to benefit various other charitable causes in the greater Wolfeboro area.


Beneficiaries from 2023

The Cotton Valley Rail Committee

The Cotton Valley Rail Committee (CVTC) works hard to maintain and sustain the Cotton Valley Rail Trail for the benefit of its many and varied outdoor users. Almost everyone in the area has enjoyed this trail and appreciates the time and dedication of over 95 volunteers who keep it serviceable. For the last 30 years, volunteers have been using their own tools to maintain the 12 miles of trail.  The Festival of Trees grant will allow CVTC to purchase much needed tools and most importantly a portable compactor plate machine with a wheel attachment. For more information go to

The Wolfeboro Lions Club

The Wolfeboro Lions Club supports eye glasses and hearing aides for those less fortunate, sponsors Boy Scout Troop 165, provides for many scholarships and awards and helps operate Lions Camp Pride located in New Durham. This facility serves hundreds of special needs campers, both youth and adult and serves as a gathering location for many other organizations. The Festival of Trees grant will help make major renovations toon the Administration building.  For more information go to

Magical Yoga

Magical Yoga is a new non-profit whose mission is to help end the youth mental health crisis with an innovative program that support Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Since its inception in May, over 403 kids have participated through programs partnered with Parks and Rec, Kingswood Youth Center, Carpenter School, Children’s Center and others. Over 300 kids are on the waitlist. The eight week programs are free to students who receive a “Club in the Box” with a yoga mat, a journal, a practice manual and bio-feedback tools. The Festival of Trees grant will help this program expand and continue to reach more children in the Lakes Region. For more information go to

Makers Mill

Makers Mill's mission is to bring people together to discover, cultivate, and share their unique skills. It has been officially opened for a year and is thriving, supplying a huge array of programs for young and old. Over 100 volunteers are planning programs, organizing and sorting tools and working on safety training classes. Many of the materials and tools have been donated, and some are now outdated. The Festival of Trees grant will go to purchase new computers for use with the youth Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education classes and workforce development training.. For more information go to

Past Beneficiaries

In the past years, the festival has raised more than $375,000 to aid the following local charitable organizations:

2022 - The Friends of the Wolfeboro Public Library, Carpenter School PTO, The ACTS Assistance Canine Training Services

2021 - Kingswood Youth Center & The Child Advocacy Center of Carroll County

2020 - Festival cancelled due to global pandemic

2019 - Kingswood Youth CenterKingswood Children's Summer TheatreCentral NH VNS & Hospice Pediatric Program

2018 - Lakes Region Humane Society, Hope House and Wolfeboro Nursery School

2017 - L.I.F.E Ministries Food Pantry and The Nick/WARA

2016 - Child Advocacy Center of Carroll County and Global Awareness Local Action

2015 - Friends of the Libby Museum and Kingswood Youth Center

2014 - End 68 Hours of Hunger and Caregivers of Southern Carroll County

2013 - Ossipee Children's Fund and All Saints' Preschool

2012 - Appalachian Mountain Teen Project and Granite State Adaptive

2011 - Wolfeboro Nursury School and Assistance Canine Training Services

2010 - Wolfeboro Senior Center and Meals

2009 - Lions Fuel Assistance Fund

2008 - 10th anniversary year, proceeds divided among past beneficiaries.

2007 - Wolfeboro Area Meals on Wheels

2006 - Wolfeboro Friends of Music, Appalachian Mountain Teen Project

2005 - Child Advocacy Center of Carroll County

2004 - VNA Good Beginnings

2003 - Lakes Region Humane Society

2002 - Kingswood Youth Center

2001 - Wolfeboro Area Children's Center

2000 - Life Ministries Food Pantry

1999 - Life Ministries Food Pantry

How to Apply to be a Beneficiary

The Wolfeboro Festival of Trees Committee meets in October to choose that year’s beneficiary(s). Any Wolfeboro area non-profit service organization interested in being considered should submit a letter of application containing the following information by September 29th this year.

  • Name, address, and email address of the organization

  • Non-profit status qualification (IRS 501(c)3 designation letter)

  • Mission Statement

  • Size (people served, number of volunteers, number of paid employees)

  • Specific use for the funds including estimate of how much is needed- details
    should include expected impact, community availability and timeline

  • Annual budget including all funding sources such as grants and endowment



Your organization must be willing to participate in the event.  Specifically, the beneficiary is asked to:

  • Supply and decorate a tree for the event

  • Provide a mailing list of members to be used for invitations to the Gala

  • Designate a liaison to attend FOT planning meetings

  • Provide and serve refreshments (cookies & punch) during the weekend public hours


Submit your application to arrive by September 29, 2023 to:

(electronic submission preferred)

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