Area non-profits interested in becomming 2022 beneficiaries are encouraged to apply before September 29th, 2022. Details of the application procedure can be found here.

The 2021 Beneficiaries were The Kingswood Youth Center and The Child Advocacy Center of Carroll County.

Kingswood Youth Center

The Kingswood Youth Center serves students ages 12-18 from the Governor Wentworth Regional School District. The Youth Center has been in operation since 2000 and currently serves approximately 100 students each month. The focus of the program is to provide a positive environment for students to learn and develop new skills, further their education and to become productive members of the community. Students attend structured after school programming offered four days a week.

An area that the Center has seen grow with 100% more participants this year is the summer program. With students having limited activities outside of the home due to COVID, the Center expanded the summer program to meet the need of students and their families. Activities include biking, visiting the Community College to learn about college and participating in the annual swim sponsored by Chucky’s Fight. Funds from the Festival of Trees event will help the Center keep this momentum going.

According to Zachary Porter, Executive Director of the program, the last year has been challenging. “In an effort to serve the students and their families we have had to learn new things and try new things. Some of those things we will keep and hope to expand upon.” One new program the Center hopes to continue is providing a Food Pantry for the students and their families. This Pantry has been a great help to families during these difficult times. Zachary is also quick to point out that in 2019 The Kingswood Youth Center was the beneficiary of The Festival of Trees which helped the Center buy a bus. The bus has expanded the ability of the Center to provide field trips and transportation after-school which has helped to increase participation.

The Child Advocacy Center of Carroll County

Elizabeth Kelley-Scott, the Executive Director of The Child Advocacy Center of Carroll County, is very appreciative of the Center being named a beneficiary of the Festival of Trees this year. Liz explained that the Center has remained open during the pandemic and has provided needed services to the victims of child abuse in Carroll County. The goal of the Child Advocacy Center is to ensure justice through the provision of a coordinated system of care to children who are victims of abuse and their non-offending family members.

The Center has seen an increased need during the last 20 months due in part to the pandemic. From 89 cases in 2019 to 120 in 2021 the Center has continued to provide services. Liz explained that during the pandemic the Center has seen this increase in part due to families dealing with additional stress and children having to stay at home in often difficult situations. Services provided by the CACCC include, but are not limited to forensic interviewing services, case coordination, and child and family advocacy. The CACCC has also added a new position of a Family Support Specialist to their staff to ensure that child victims are receiving the appropriate medical and mental health care.

The National Children’s Alliance reports that in municipalities where a Child Advocacy Center is utilized, there is a 40% increase in successful prosecution rates, families are supported more, and trauma experienced by child victims is greatly reduced. Child abuse is a public health issue that can have long term consequences for a community and The Child Advocacy Center is working hard to provide this vital resource in Carroll County.

In the past years, the festival has raised more than $330,000 to aid the following local charitable organizations:

2020 - Festival cancelled due to global pandemic

2019 - Kingswood Youth Center, Kingswood Children's Summer Theatre, Central NH VNS & Hospice Pediatric Program

2018 - Lakes Region Humane Society, Hope House and Wolfeboro Nursery School

2017 - L.I.F.E Ministries Food Pantry and The Nick/WARA

2016 - Child Advocacy Center of Carroll County and Global Awareness Local Action

2015 - Friends of the Libby Museum and Kingswood Youth Center

2014 - End 68 Hours of Hunger and Caregivers of Southern Carroll County

2013 - Ossipee Children's Fund and All Saints' Preschool

2012 - Appalachian Mountain Teen Project and Granite State Adaptive

2011 - Wolfeboro Nursury School and Assistance Canine Training Services

2010 - Wolfeboro Senior Center and Meals

2009 - Lions Fuel Assistance Fund

2008 - 10th anniversary year, proceeds divided among past beneficiaries.

2007 - Wolfeboro Area Meals on Wheels

2006 - Wolfeboro Friends of Music, Appalachian Mountain Teen Project

2005 - Child Advocacy Center of Carroll County

2004 - VNA Good Beginnings

2003 - Lakes Region Humane Society

2002 - Kingswood Youth Center

2001 - Wolfeboro Area Children's Center

2000 - Life Ministries Food Pantry

1999 - Life Ministries Food Pantry